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News Regaring Food Hub 

Aloha Kakou, 

To anyone that might be interested in Purchasing Produce from the North Shore Food Hub:

In this Covid-19 reality the North Shore Food Hub is not currently able to handle the production of additional boxes each week due to the lack of supply and the enormous amount of produce used to make produce boxes. 

Due to the lack of consistent supply that is grown on Kaua'i and the rapid growth of demand from veggie box programs we are not able to have consistent stock of fruits and vegetables to maintain 2000+ boxes a week. 

Until we are able to have a better idea of what will come from farmers in the future, the Food Hub will have a lot of Out of Stock items. 

We are trying our best to manage the influx of fruits and veggies so that in the next few weeks the North Shore Food Hub can be on track with even more Fruits and Vegetables.  

If you are interested in still getting vegetables, please stop by the Kilauea Community Ag Center on Tuesdays and Saturdays to purchase a Fruit or Veggie box.  

Mahalo For Your Understanding, 

Maluhia LHote

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